Protonet Kft. makes all waterbed parts and assemblies available to its customers separately all the way from its essence, the mattress, down to the last screw.  Of course we also stock all accessories that may be necessary for our waterbed's flawless performance over many years.  We aim to provide comprehensive answers to any questions you may have in this regard.

waterbed accessories
Waterbed conditioner The essential part of waterbed mattress maintenance Waterbed conditioner fluid
Fibre Formula waterbed conditioner A concentrated formulation for fiber-filled waterbed mattresses Fibre Formula waterbed conditioner
Mattress cleaner Waterbed mattress preservation and cleaning in one Waterbed vinyl cleaner
Bubble reducer Help in solving the problem of overly frequent mattress burping Bubble reducer
Waterbed mattress patch kit Everything necessary for waterbed mattress repair Waterbed mattress patch kit
Shock Formula odor reducer The alternative to mattress refilling, or even replacement Shock Formula waterbed mattress odor reducer