Frequently asked questions

How strong is the mattress's material?

The mattress's material, a special PVC vinyl, has been optimized through the decades to be able to withstand the trials of time and physical strain. In addition they have returned to simple lap seam construction which, with appropriate care, is more reliable than corner reinforced configurations which have more disadvantages than benefits.

Can my floor support the mattress's weight?

Every structure built to standards has no problem with the weight of the mattress since it is at most like 7 people sitting around a table. We have installed waterbeds in everything from 10th floor prefab apartment buildings to lofts in private homes without issues. Only in the case of custom or home-made lofts is the supervision of a professional recommended.

Will the water flood my room if I should somehow be able to rip or puncture the mattress?

In a word no, in part because only the top of the mattress is readily accessible from which little water could escape, and also because every mattress sits inside a safety liner which creates a separate enclosure so that any water stays within it.