90% wave reduced hardside mattress

90% wave reduced hardside waterbed mattress
Nearly total wave reduction, our most popular model
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It's no accident that this 90% wave reduced mattress is our most popular model since it's virtually motion free, making the adjustment period - assuming a waterbed wasn't our normal sleep surface previously - negligible.  Its quality is characterized by the following features:

  1. Overcut 0.6 mm thick special vinyl: minimizes stretching and maximizes longevity while conforming to and supporting our body's contours.
  2. Double fill valves on two-person sizes make filling and draining easier.
  3. Simple 8 cm overlap seams: at the corners require fewer welds, while placed at the middle of the sides make stress on them symmetrical. In both cases this leads to increased reliability and durability compared to traditional designs.
  4. Black mattress material doesn’t make a separate black bottom layer necessary for more effectively transmitting the heater's warmth.
  5. Heavy duty fiber wave reduction layers: specially designed for waterbeds to guarantee maximum stability, support and comfort that don’t disintegrate over the years like other cotton ball-like materials.
  6. Fiber layer fastening points: keep the layers together, thereby helping to prevent them from sliding apart.